New Progress installation at the Smallest Gallery in Soho

After months of planning and preparation, the New Progress installation is now up at the Smallest Gallery in Soho, 62 Dean Street, London, and available to see any time until the end of March.

As my first chance to think big as an artist and work with an interesting space, developing a show for the Smallest Gallery in Soho was an incredible opportunity. Dan and I share a mutual interest in both art and the environment, and I suggested we work on the project together. We were conscious of the constraints of the space and the need to produce something eye catching and relevant to the location and the people who would see it. Working with a shopfront in the heart of one of the world’s commercial capitals, focusing on the effects of consumption and trade seemed like a natural choice.

Many cold winter days were spent in my studio designing and making the work, with Dan’s previous experience as a set-builder for theatre proving invaluable. We collected disused pallets left on and around the streets of south London and re-used the wood to construct the backdrop. The coffee beans were supplied by local Soho family business Algerian Coffee Stores, a moment’s walk from the gallery.

Philip, Andreia and Moira were extremely supportive and involved throughout, and lighting designer Ana Stojadinovic helped us with the finishing touches to make sure the display would shine. The project felt like a real team effort, and demonstrated what a fantastic forum the Smallest Gallery in Soho is for emerging artists to develop and showcase their work.

For more information on the project see the project page.

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